This Section describes the screens will be set waypoints.

Waypoint screen is a screen for performing the placement of WayPoints(WP).

In this screen, we will add the  WP via point of the flight path on the map.
All the data and info(Location Altitude etc) must be obtained from on-line service, so internet hookup capability is must (such as 3G or WiFi).
WayPoint (WP) setting up should be done at the place where no communication failure occurs.

Moving the map ( Enlarge Reduce )

Enlarge, Reduce can be done with Pinch in/Out
Please drag the map to move the location on the screen
To go back to current position, tap the “Current position” button.

Adding WayPoint (WP)

Just LongTap( more than a second )  the location on the map, then red marker appears.
At the same times, the sea level altitude is obtained through on-line network.
You will see the blue line by adding more Waypoint.  The line will be your flight route.

To delete the Waypoint

just tap the red marker. Select “Delete” on the window
The Elevation of the point also appears on the window

To delete all waypoint

Tap the “Remove All WP” on the screen, Then, “Remove All WP”? will appear.

To save WayPoint

After you done adding Waypoint, just tap the “WP Save” button to save all that.
WayPoint still appears on the NAV screen without doing “WP Save” but if the system shut down, You must need to set it up again.